Unemployed and I need a job today - 3 best work at home job review

Published: 20th February 2009
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Unemployed and I need a job today - 3 best work at home job review
Unemployed and I need a job today. Are those the words that come out of your mouth? I know they were the words that came out of mine in 2009. I want to say that you are the luckiest person to be reading this. Hi my name is Scott and I was let go from my job in January 2009. The good thing is I knew it was going to happen about a month or so before it actually did. So I started looking for a new job! If you are reading this you know that there are no jobs out there right now. The only thing out there is a growing unemployment rate. Well the search is over. Please read this very carefully and I will let you know how I am surviving and paying my bills from home.


First a little about my situation I am going through. I am married with no children, got laid off at the first of the year 2009 and just started looking for a job. I need a job to pay the following bills. Here is my breakdown on those bills. Mortgage $2400, 1st Car payment $300, 2nd Car payment $400, Food $ 400, Utility bills $500 and the extras $200 a month. So what is the grand total it is $4200 a month. I just want to let you know that my wife actually brings home $1800 a month. I am still short a bunch as you can tell. Well I can say that I am making it right now plus more.

I did have to get there by myself because my wife was not supportive in the whole work from home idea. I had to do the research that I am sharing with you and start the working from home process on my own. I did this all behind her back. I have now since told her what I have been doing and shared with her that we are making money on it. Go thing the 3 items below were that easy to use and make money on RIGHT!

I have searched and searched for something that I can do at home. I have wasted a few dollars on the way but I did it and found 3 things that making me money every day. I am sharing these with you to so you don't have to stress and go through what I had to. The 3 items that I came across are now helping me make an income of $190 a day all in less than one month and most of it is free to do. Yes it cost me to get them but it was well worth that investment.

Here is what I make on each. Item 1 makes me $60 dollars a day, Item 2 makes $50 a day, and item 3 makes me $100 a day. Grand total of all these is the $190 a day like I stated before. I would give each of these items an A+ or A++. The following are the items and a brief description.

Item 1 http://scottlhall.nomonkeybz.hop.clickbank.net

This is the one that makes me $60 dollars a day. It has a strange name but it is not a joke. It has several ways to make money and so far they have all worked. I focus on just a few things in this that have no cost associations (free) and they works great. This is well worth the purchase and it walks you through how to do all the jobs with either a video or in simple text. I give this an A+ if I had to grade it.

Item 2 http://scottlhall.copyprofit.hop.clickbank.net

This is the one that makes me $50 dollars a day. It is so easy. This one all you have to do is copy what they give you and that is it. This item gives you videos that show you exactly what to do and how to do it step by step. It also gives you text information that makes the copying that much easier. I plan on making a lot more money with this product. I give this and A++ because of it being so easy. I made money in 24hrs with this one.

Item 3 http://www.dropship-business.com/index.html?aid=267613

This is the one that will take a little work but not much if you know how to work on ebay. If you know how to work on ebay then you will have mo problem with this because it generates the ebay listing for you. I recommend just getting the ebay package and not the whole web site thing. I generate $100 a day and the only work I have to do is put in the shipping address of the person that bought the product off ebay. I get paid through paypal and it lets you pay through paypal as well. This results in no out of pocket expenses for you. I give this an A+ just because it takes a little more time than the others on a daily basis.

In conclusion I would say to get all 3 of these so you don't just have to rely on one. I am still unemployed and not working for some big company. I am however making money from home in just one month that's the truth. You can too because all 3 of these are so easy to use. Remember this is your lucky day better save this to your favorites and take advantage of this day.

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